Comment #175113 - MY RETIREMENT demotivational poster - This one really hits me... I like it a lot.
epic fail
military funny
stupid human

This one really hits me... I like it a lot.

Comment #175113 by - agdaniele

5L (but I'm concerned about your mental health Greensleeves) - by Mooooooooooooooooooo

I'm going to find some bleach to wash my eyes out with... - by jinxguy44

"Nit"...? - by JesusWept

Very good. - by Pushkin

great first read in the morning - by Greeny

You've got the right type of twisted sense of humour to be part of this community....just understand that this poster was made by one of Motifakes original (and much loved) hooligans. and should be shown much respect. Now...Make some Posters!!! - by Mooooooooooooooooooo

From your mouth to god's ears. If the species makes it long enough for my grand kids to be around, I'll be thrilled to creep the crap out of them :D - by cireful

Just think, someday your grand kids will see the same in you; and grace their vocabularies with words yet to come... - by Greeny

A .net integration with sharepoint and a sizeable piece of fecal matter. The former is not unlike the latter. Just googled 'gidget'. You may be right, dorky doesn't quite cover it. Deepy? Dorky + creepy? Get it? Corky was taken. - by cireful

This was created before the word Meme existed. so, it's just a poster and cannot be on your imaginary list. What have you created lately? - by Mooooooooooooooooooo