Comment #175089 - BLOOD PILLOW demotivational poster - thats friggin awesome
epic fail
military funny
stupid human

thats friggin awesome

Comment #175089 by - insaninater

No, just the other hand - by Greeny

I know, I know. "Luck be in the air tonight" - by concern3

Remember, better bait = longer fishing trips - by Greeny

Funny, UP yours - by concern3

whoooo-oa - by GaryO

well, yeah - by GaryO

nobody here has second thoughts... we all know if you even ask about a second thought, yer gay - by GaryO

Excellent, UP yours - by concern3

well now, somehow the word 'fart' has obliterated any allure that was beginning to register... - by GaryO

what if it is the second thought - by maesterolorin