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epic fail
military funny
stupid human

thats friggin awesome

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Thanks for the 1st laugh of the week. - by rerun

There's only one flavor of so crazy it's funny. Yeah, it's watermelon. Knew it from the tags before I scolled down...nightmares chicken tax deduction gastroenterology...shit - by GaryO

I don't hear so well during a yawn either - by Greeny

Geeeez, 'Norm Crosby'....that do go back a ways. If he's still alive I bet he can't hear shit now. - by GaryO

Well now, that's a bit late.. - by GaryO

Excellent, UP yours - by concern3

Niiiice!! - by JesusWept

Thank you! - by JesusWept

Thanks - by JesusWept

UP yours words - by concern3