Comment #175089 - BLOOD PILLOW demotivational poster - thats friggin awesome
epic fail
military funny
stupid human

thats friggin awesome

Comment #175089 by - insaninater

Whats the mattar Greeny? their, they're's OK. - by Mooooooooooooooooooo

... (up vote) - by spacedog

wut? nobodyies here, that's all...its not yer poster's - by GaryO

*sigh - by Greeny

LOL - by Greeny

I do what I can...wut - by GaryO

God, do I ever love the button down sweater - by GaryO

I'd avoid that place if I were you... - by Greeny

Words often heard when using the outhouse at Mr. Gary's. He says it's just a knot hole... ^~^ - by MissPriss

you are not alone - by GaryO