Comment #175089 - BLOOD PILLOW demotivational poster - thats friggin awesome
epic fail
military funny
stupid human

thats friggin awesome

Comment #175089 by - insaninater

glad to hear it Mr. Gary - by MissPriss

this caught me just right, during a serious political debate with a friend...the timing of my lol wuz priceless. Thanx Prissy - by GaryO

Mirrors don't talk, be grateful they don't laugh either. - by david5300

They make these in Canal Fulton Ohio ! - by david5300

thanks for the last chuckle of the day 'cern - by MissPriss

See Alice? - by Greeny

not sure if I need condoms or a coffin...R.I.P. sex life...thanks 'cern - by MissPriss

Thanks? teehee - by MissPriss

I like the way you think Missy ;) - by Zeul

I like the way you think Missy ;) - by Zeul